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SLIET Syllabus

Contenders who are search for the latest Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology Entrance Exam Syllabus, it is available here. To crack the SLIET Entrance Test with best rank, an applicant should require preparing from SLIET Syllabus and test pattern. Applicants who are going to appear in SLIET must be seeking for Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology Entrance Test Syllabus; they may get it online.

If you are going to appear in SLIET exam then you should start your preparation according to the topics in SLIET Entrance Test Syllabus and the given exam pattern.

Integrated Certificate- Diploma (ICD) Syllabus 

English comprehension, G.K, and Mental Aptitude ->>
Usage of Tenses
Fill in the Blanks with Prepositions
Active Passive Voice
General Knowledge/Awareness
Aptitude Test

Mathematics Syllabus ->>

Physics Syllabus ->>
Wave motion
Electricity and Magnetics effects

Chemistry Syllabus ->>
Atomic Mass and Molecular Mass
Physical and chemical changes
Electrochemical cell
Classification of Elements
Mineral Cycles
Dependence of Man on Natural Resources
Carbon and its Compounds
Extraction of Metals

Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Syllabus ->>
Operating System
System Software
Application Development
Information Technology (IT)
Data management and organization
Introduction to data structure
Computer Networks
Latest Technologies
Software Engineering
Computer System Architecture
AC fundamentals
DC& AC Bridges
Network Theorems
Electromagnetic & Magnetic circuits
DC Circuits
Signal Conditioning

Mechanical Syllabus ->>
Thermal Engineering
Applied Mechanics, Strength of Material and Machine Design
Fluid Mechanics
Manufacturing Engineering & Management

Chemical and Food Technology Syllabus ->>
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Unit operations
Fluid flow
Material and Energy Balance
Chemical Process Industries
Process Instrumentations
Environmental Engineering and Safety
Food Chemistry and Microbiology
Food Process Technology
Food Analysis and Quality Control

Ph.D. Program Syllabus ->>
Chemical Engineering Paper Syllabus
General Aptitude
Numerical Ability
Numerical Analysis
Communication Ability
Subject Paper
Process Calculations and Thermodynamics
Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Chemical Reaction Engineering
Instrumentation and Process Control
Plant Design and Economics
Chemical Technology
Ph.D. in Chemistry Syllabus
Subject Paper
Physical Chemistry
Basic Principles and Applications of Quantum Mechanics
Basic Principles and Application of Spectroscopy
Chemical Thermodynamics
Chemical Kinetics
Polymer Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical periodicity
Chemistry of the main group elements and their compounds
Chemistry of transition elements and coordination compounds
Inner transition elements
Organometallic compounds
Analytical chemistry
Bioinorganic chemistry
Physical characterization of inorganic compounds by IR, Raman, NMR, EPR, Mossbauer, UV-, NQR, MS, electron spectroscopy and microscopic techniques
Nuclear chemistry
Organic Chemistry
IUPAC nomenclature of organic compounds
Principles of stereochemistry
Concepts of aromaticity
Reactive intermediates and organic reaction mechanisms
Pericyclic reactions
Named reactions
Transformations and rearrangements
Principles and applications of organic photochemistry
Free radical reactions
Reactions involving nuclei-photic carbon intermediates
Oxidation and reduction of functional groups
Common reagents in organic synthesis
Chemistry of natural products
Selective organic transformations
Protecting groups
Chemistry of aromatic and aliphatic heterocyclic compounds
Physical characterization of organic compounds by IR, UV-Vis, MS, and NMR
Computer Science & Engineering Syllabus
Subject Paper
Programming Concepts
Theory of Computation
Digital Logic
Computer Organization and Architecture
Operating System
Computer Networks
Image Processing
Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus
Electrical Technology and Networks
Electronics Principles
Power Electronics-
Digital electronics and microprocessors
Transducers and Instrumentation
Control Theory
Programming concepts
Power Systems
Electronics and Communication Engineering Syllabus
Subject paper
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Digital Systems
Signal Processing
Control Theory
Communication Systems
Electromagnetics & Microwaves
Ph.D. in English Syllabus
Subject Paper
Literary Critical Theory
Study of Language
Indian English Literature
Diasporic Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
Food Engineering & Technology Syllabus
Subject Paper
Food Analysis
Food Quality and Management
Food Engineering
Food Process Technology
Food Process Equipment Design
Bioprocess Engineering
Ph.D. in Management Syllabus
Subject Paper
Managerial Economics
concept and significance of organizational behavior
Organizational Development
Concepts & perspectives on HRM
HRP- Objectives
Industrial Relations & Trade Unions
Dispute resolution and Grievance management
Financial Management
Capital Budgeting Decisions
Capital Structure
Cost of capital Dividend policy-Determinants
Mergers & Acquisitions
Marketing Information System & marketing research
Market Segmentation
Product life cycle
Facility Locations
Probability Theory
Tests of Hypothesis-t, Z, F, chi-square tests
Ethics & Management System
Social responsibilities of Business
Preparation of Questionnaire
Categorization & sampling
Ph.D. in Mathematics Syllabus
Subject paper
Linear Algebra
Complex Analysis
Real Analysis
Ordinary Differential Equations
Functional Analysis
Numerical Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
Probability and Statistics
Linear programming
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
Subject Paper A
Engineering Materials
Engineering Mechanics
Strength of Materials
Theory of Machines and Design
Thermal Engineering
Subject Paper B
Metal Casting
Metal Forming
Advanced Welding Processes
Machining and Machine Tool Operations
Metrology and Inspection
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Facility Design
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Operations Research
Quality Management
Reliability and Maintenance
Ph.D. in Physics Syllabus
Subject Paper
Mathematical Methods of Physics
Classical Mechanics
Electromagnetic Theory
Quantum Mechanics
Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
Experimental Techniques and data analysis
Atomic & Molecular Physics
Condensed Matter Physics
Nuclear and Particle Physics
Exam Pattern ->>
The SET-I, SET-1A and SET-III test will be conducted for 150 marks and the time duration is fixed to 2 hours 30 minutes. The SET-V will consists of total 100 marks and it will last long for 2 hours. Applicants will obtain -0.25 marks for each wrong answer in SET-I, SET-1A and SET-III. The SLIET Entrance Test will be done through offline mode (pen paper based exam) and a proper OMR Sheet will be given to each and every contender.

Best Books for SLIET SET Exam ->>
Name of the Book
Author’s Name
A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis
G.N. Berman
A collection of questions and problems in physics
Lev Aronovich Sena
Principles of Electronics
V. K. Mehta
A Modern Approach to Logic Reasoning
R.S. Aggarwal
Advanced Level Physics
Michael Nelkon
Linear Integrated Circuits
Basic Electrical Engineering
I. J. Nagrath
Engineering Circuit Analysis
Hayt, Kemmerly, Durbin
Understanding Physics Optics & Modern Physics
D C Pandey
Instrumentation and Process Control
Terry L.M. Bartelt
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