TANCET Study Material PDF Free Download for Civil/Mechanical Engineering

TANCET Study Material

If you have applied for TANCET examination notice & now going to appear in Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET), you will need a better
TANCET Study Material to obtain qualify in this examination with high grad because who will obtain qualify in the examination of gate they might be eligible to obtain admission in Civil/ Mechanical Engineering etc. 

Here we are writing full & better information regarding TANCET Study Material for you from which help you may crack this examination easily. So you must look this web page very carefully & then start preparation. Students should visit the complete web page for complete and well defined TANCET syllabus of Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test, you have to visit our page. There are three parts for preparing for Tamil Nadu Common Entrance exam that includes engineering mathematics which is Common to all students, Basic Engineering and Sciences which is also common to all students and the part three which is according to the subject chose by the student.

We are giving all useful and required details connected to TANCET Study Material. Other useful acknowledgements are also available on this web page as a link of PDF file of TANCET Study Material and other navigation links to navigate you on right content related to beat the exam to be an Officer.

TANCET Study Material

  • Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics
  • Mechanical
  • Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineering And Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Production and Industrial Engineering
  • Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Ceramic Technology and Biotechnology and Leather Technology

Exam Pattern:

No. of Questions
Part I
Part II
Part III
TANCET Study Material:

For ME
R.Gupta, Ramesh Publications
Sagarika Publications
V.V.K. Subburaj, Anna University
V.V.K Subburaj, Anna University
G.K Publications 
E.S. Ramasamy, Anna University
Tancet Test Runner by Upaveda Learning Solutions
Pearson Education

TANCET Syllabus

Read the details for all the syllabus of TANCET carefully:-

For MBA:

Verbal Ability
One Word Substitutions
Idioms & Phrases
Phrasal Verbs
Reading Comprehension
Cloze Test
Basic Grammar
Quantitative Aptitude:

Permutation & Combination
Statistics & Probability
Data Interpretation:

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart
Problem Based & Percentage
Problem Based on Equivalence
Data Interpretation:

Bar Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart
Problem Based & Percentage
Problem Based on Equivalence
Logical Reasoning:

Blood Relation Analogy
Coding Decoding
Direction Sitting Arrangement
Water & Mirror Images
Punch lines
Computer Based Problems
For MCA:

Quantitative Ability
Analytical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning
Computer Awareness
For ME:

PART I: Engineering Mathematics 
PART – II: Basic Engineering & Sciences 
PART – III (Chosen subject)
For Part I and Part II topics will be Common to all Candidates.


Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics
Mechanical, Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering
Electrical & Electronics Engineering And Instrumentation Engineering
Electronics And Communication Engineering
Production And Industrial Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering And Information Technology
Chemical Engineering, Ceramic Technology And Biotechnology
Leather Technology
Pattern of TANCET Exam:

Part I (Compulsory):
30 questions with one mark
Part II (Compulsory):
40 questions with one mark
Part III (Chosen subject):
40/45 questions with one mark will be reward
For Electronically, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering:

Question 1: The relay operating coil is supplied through…?
1.    Fuse
2.    Power transformers
3.    Instrument transformers
4.    None of the above
Answer: 1

Question 2: TRIAC is
1.    a bidirectional thyristor
2.    a combination of 2 PNPN diodes
3.    another name for high power thyristor
4.    a power BJT
Answer: 1

Question 3: The most popular carrier gas used in gas chromatograph is….?
1.    Helium
2.    Air
3.    Hydrogen
4.    Oxygen
Answer: 1

Question 4: Which one of the following will give the sumof full-adder as output?
1.    Three input majority circuit
2.    Three bit parity checker
3.    Three bit comparator
4.    Three bit counter
Answer: 1

Question 5: A lithium chloride element is usually calibrated to read….?
1.    Wet bulb temperature
2.    Absolute humidity
3.    Dew point
4.    Relative humidity
Answer: 4

For Engineering Mathematics:

Question 6: If the rank of non-square matrix A and rank of the augmented matrix of system of linear equations are equal, then the system……?
1.    is inconsistent
2.    has no solution
3.    is consistent
4.    does not have solution
Answer: 3

Question 7: As soon as a new value of a variable is found, it is used immediately in the equations, such method is known as….?
1.    Gauss-Jordan method
2.    Gauss-Jacobi’s method
3.    Gauss Elimination method
4.    Gauss-Seidal method
Answer: 4

Question 8: The signature of quadratic form 2xy+2yz+2zx is….?
1.    3
2.    -1
3.    2
4.    1
Answer: 2

For Computer Science and Engineering & Information Technology:
Question 9: A man alternately tosses a coin and throws a dice, beginning with the coin. Then probability that he will get a head before he gets a 5 or 6 on dice is…..?
1.    1/4
2.    3/4
3.    4/5
4.    4/7
Answer: 2

Question 10: A compiler for a high level language that runs on one machine and produces code for a different machine is called….?
1.    Optimizing compiler
2.    One pass compiler
3.    Cross compiler
4.    Multipass compiler
Answer: 3

Question 11: Different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable and…..?
1.    Modem
2.    interface card
3.    Special wires
4.    telephone lines
Answer: 2

Question12: Relocatable programs
1.    cannot be used with fixed partitions
2.    can be loaded almost anywhere in memory
3.    do not need a linker
4.    can be loaded only at one specific location
Answer: 4

Question 13: Which one of the following can be handled by a gate way?
1.    Protocol conversion
2.    Packet resizing
3.    Data encapsulation
4.    Both 1 and 2
Answer: 1

For Basic Engineering and Sciences:
Question 14: Which one of the following phenomena does not affect the direction of wave light?
1.    Dispersion
2.    Diffraction
3.    Polarisation
4.    Refraction
Answer: 4

Question 15: Which one of the following is useful in traversing a given graph by breadth first search?
1.    Stack
2.    Set
3.    List
4.    Queue
Answer: 4

Question 16: Which one of the following is not a form of memory?
1.    Instruction cache
2.    Instruction register
3.    Instruction opcode
4.    Translation lookaside buffer
Answer: 3

For Electronics and Communication Engineering:
Question 17: The dissipation at the collector is in the quiescent state and increases with the excitation in the case of a..?
1.    Class A series fed amplifier
2.    Class A transistor coupled amplifier
3.    Class AB amplifier
4.    Class B amplifier
Answer: 4

Question 18: A system has the transfer function (1–s)/(1+s).It is a….?
1.    non-minimum phase system
2.    minimum phase system
3.    low pass system
4.    second order system
Answer: 1

Question 19: PAM signals can be demodulated by using a…..?
1.    Low pass filter alone
2.    a Schmitt trigger followed by LPF
3.    a differentiator followed by LPF
4.    a clipper circuit followed by LPF
Answer: 4

Question 20: While forming Routh’s array, the situation of arow of zeros indicates that the system…….?
1.    has symmetrically located roots
2.    is not sensitive to variations in gain
3.    is stable
4.    is unstable
Answer: 4


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