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JEE Advanced Sample Papers:

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JEE Advanced Model Question Papers:

Question-1) Shear stress in a fluid flowing in a round pipe
  1. varies parabolically across the cross-section.
  2. remains constant over the cross-section.
  3. is zero at the centre and varies linearly with the radius.
  4. is zero at the wall and increases linearly to the centre.
Answer: 3

Question-2) For the same terminal conditions and fitting size, the least friction loss is incurred in a/an

  1. T-joint
  2. union
  3. 45° elbow
  4. 90°bend
Answer: 2

Question-3) The percentage slip in a reciprocating pump set is given by the % of (where, Q1 = actual discharge Q2 = theoretical discharge)

  1. Q1/Q2
  2. Q2/Q1
  3. Q2-Q1/Q1
  4. Q2-Q2/Q2
Answer: 4

Question-4) A Winchester disk is a
  1. Disk Stack
  2. Removable disk
  3. Flexible disk
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
Answer: 1

Question-5) A prewritten program that’s sold to perform a common task is called an application
  1. System software
  2. Package
  3. Utilities
  4. Program
  5. None of the above
Answer: 2

Question-6) The first mechanical calculating machine was made by:
  1. William Oughtred
  2. Gottfried Leibnitz
  3. Blaise Pascal
  4. Charles Babbage
  5. None of the above
Answer: 3

Question-7) Multiplication of 1112 by 1012 is
  1. 1100112
  2. 1000112
  3. 1111002
  4. 0001012
  5. None of the above
Answer: 2

Question-8) If an analog signal is to be converted to an 8-bit resolution, how many comparators are used in a parallel-encoded ADC?
  1. 127
  2. 128
  3. 255
  4. 256
Answer: 4

Question-9) Referring to the given figure, what appears to be wrong, if anything, with the output of the D/A converter?
  1. The input signal is probably noisy.
  2. There appears to be some nonlinearity in the scope display.
  3. The converter has a nonmonotonic output error.
  4. It appears that certain input codes are incorrect; double-check the input coding.
Answer: 3

Question-10) What is the major advantage of the R/2R ladder DAC as compared to a binary-weighted-input DAC?
  1. It has fewer parts for the same number of inputs.
  2. It is much easier to analyze its operation.
  3. It uses only two different resistor values.
  4. The virtual ground is eliminated and the circuit is therefore easier to understand and troubleshoot.
Answer: 3

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