Current Affairs 26th October 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 26th October 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> Which campaign (अभियान) has been launched by the Prime Minister’s (प्रधान मंत्री) Office (PMO), asking people to reach out to armed forces by writing letters/messages/greetings for Diwali (दीवाली के लिए बधाई)?
Answer ->> #Sandesh2Soldiers

Question 2 ->> Which state (राज्य) is all set to launch its own brand of olive oil, which it claims, will be the country’s first indigenously-produced (पहली स्वदेश-निर्मित) brand?
Answer ->> Rajasthan

Question 3 ->> Which country (देश) has announced the project, “Harnessing the Small Satellite Revolution (छोटा उपग्रह क्रांति दोहन),” to promote the use of small satellites or ‘smallsats’?
Answer ->> United States

Question 4 ->> Junko Tabei who passed away (गुजर गए) in October two thousa, was:
Answer ->> Japanese Mountaineer, having the distinction of being first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest

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Question 5 ->> In October two thousand sixteen, Prime Minister (प्रधान मंत्री) Modi laid the foundation stone of ___________, the gas pipeline project (पाइपलाइन परियोजना) which promises to provide piped cooking gas to residents of Varanasi (वाराणसी के निवासियों) within two years
Answer ->> ‘Urja Ganga’

Question 6 ->> With 196 sixes from 281 matches, who among the following recently (हाल ही में निम्नलिखित) surpassed Sachin Tendulkar’s record for most sixes in One Day Internationals (एक दिवसीय अंतर्राष्ट्रीय) by an Indian Cricketer?
Answer ->> M S Dhoni
a. Virat Kohli
b. Rohit Sharma
c. Gautam Gambhir
d. M S Dhoni

Question 7 ->> With 351 sixes, who among the following (निम्नलिखित में) holds the record of most sixes in ODIs?
a. Sanath Jayasurya
b. Chris Gayle
c. Shahid Afridi
d. Brendon McCullum
Answer ->> Shahid Afridi

Question 8 ->> Mehar Mittal, who passed away (गुजर गए) in October two thousand sixteen, was a:
Answer ->> Punjabi Actor

Question 9 ->> Which among the following (निम्नलिखित में) country has won the two thousand sixteen FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup (महिला विश्व कप)?
a. North Korea
b. South Korea
c. Brazil
d. Argentina
Answer ->> North Korea

Question 10 ->> Who among the following (निम्नलिखित में) has won F1 United States (संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका) Grand Prix?
Answer ->> Lewis Hamilton


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