Current Affairs 15th October 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 15th October 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> ‘Global Handwashing Day (दिन)’ is observed on which date every year (हर साल)?
Answer ->> 15th October

Question 2 ->> According to the latest survey released (नवीनतम सर्वेक्षण जारी किया) by the Springer Nature, India ranked second amongst the countries with highest increase (सबसे अधिक वृद्धि) in contribution to high-quality scientific (उच्च गुणवत्ता वाले वैज्ञानिक) research just next to ______
Answer ->> China

Question 3 ->> Union Cabinet (केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल) has approved (मंजूर की) the establishment and operation of an Indian Institute of Management (भारतीय प्रबंधन संस्थान) in ______ at a cost of nearly Rs 62 crore
Answer ->> Jammu

Question 4 ->> 5th India International Silk (अंतर्राष्ट्रीय सिल्क) Fair will be held (आयोजित) from 15 to 17-10-2016 at:
Answer ->> New Delhi

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Question 5 ->> Which State tourism (राज्य पर्यटन) has launched India’s first ever amphibious bus which offers tourists, a ride down (सवारी करते हुए आगे जाना) a prominent river (प्रमुख नदी) in the state?
Answer ->> Goa

Question 6 ->> Bhumibol Adulyadej (भूमिबोल अदुल्यादेज), the King of _______ passed away in October two thousand sixteen. He was the world’s longest (दुनिया का सबसे लंबा ) - reigning living monarch
Answer ->> Thailand

Question 7 ->> A committee appointed (समिति नियुक्त) by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (केंद्रीय बिजली नियामक आयोग) has submitted its report, wherein it has suggested an overhaul in transmission planning to facilitate transfer of power (सत्ता के हस्तांतरण की सुविधा) on economic principles. This committee is headed by power system expert:
Answer ->> Mata Prasad

Question 8 ->> Which among the following (निम्नलिखित में) characters has been named as a new honorary ambassador for the United Nations (संयुक्त राष्ट्र), which will be used to promote messages about women’s empowerment and gender equality (सशक्तिकरण और लैंगिक समानता)?
a. Super Girl
b. Snow White
c. Cinderella
d. Wonder Woman
Answer ->> Wonder Woman

Question 9 ->> Which company will lay India’s longest (भारत के सबसे लंबे समय तक) LPG pipeline from Gujarat coast to Gorakhpur in eastern Uttar Pradesh (पूर्वी उत्तर प्रदेश में गोरखपुर) to cater to growing demand for cooking gas in the country (देश में रसोई गैस)?
Answer ->> Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Question 10 ->> ‘International Day (अंतर्राष्ट्रीय दिवस) of Rural Woman’ is celebrated on which date every year (हर साल)?
Answer ->> 15th October


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