Careers in BSF - Easy Way to Make Career in Border Security Force (BSF)

Careers in BSF:

The Border Security Force of India, most commonly known as BSF alias Border Security Force is a paramilitary force, established on 1-12-1965.
Responsible for guarding India's ground limit during peace time & preventing transnational crime, Border Security Force is a Union Government Agency under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is 1 among the law actuation agencies of India & currently stands as the world's largest border guarding force with strength of two lakh forty thousand personnel in one hundred eighty six battalions, including women personnel. 'Duty unto Death' is the motto of Border Security Force.

The Border Security Force has 3 operational weapon namely General Branch (सामान्य शाखा), Technical Branch & Medical Branch. The General Duty Branch covers all the general duties of Border Security Force. The vigilance charge is also dependent upon them. Technical Branch deals with all the technical work required from time to time for the smooth functioning of the force.

This branch looks after the maintenance & repair of equipments for telecommunication and construction purposes. Medical Branch provides all the facilities about medical purposes & they undertake all the answerability for the fitness and well-being of personnel.

The troops of Border Security Force are supported by the Technical weapon wing which is in charge of the construction & maintenance of buildings need by Border Security Force, as well as the maintenance of weapon & other war appliance. Personnel of Technical arms are engineers qualified in civil or electronic / electrical engineering.

The Signals weapon of the Border Security Force is a very important constituent of Border Security Force. It is the duty of the signals officer to keep the line of communication working & to pass on details to senior officials at all times and seeks the necessary advice on matters related to internal security.

The major tasks of BSF are:

Peace time:
  • Promote a sense of security among the people living in the border areas.
  • Prevent Tran’s border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India.
  • Prevent smuggling and any other illegal activity.

In addition to their duties, BSF has been deployed for counter insurgency and internal security duties

War Time:
  • Holding ground in less threatened sectors.
  • Protection of vital installations.
  • Assistance in control of refugees.
  • Anti-infiltration duties in specified areas.

Men of Border Security Force are trained in patrolling the borders be it on camel back, horseback, on foot, on speed boats or on helicopters. The work is daunting and requires deep commitment. The Border Security Force has assumed a strategically role in important activities regarding security and defense. It is a prestigious & an arrogant profession & being qualified for Border Security Force, is a great dream for most aspiring Indian applicants.

BSF Rank Structure:

The BSF has officers of different grades & the rank structure of Border Security Force is as follows :-
  • Director General
  • Special Director General
  • Additional Director General
  • Inspector General
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Second-in-Command
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Assistant Commandant
  • Subedar Major
  • Inspector
  • Sub-Inspector
  • Assistant Sub Inspector
  • Head Constable
  • Constable
  • Constable (Tradesmen )

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