Current Affairs 06th July 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 06th July 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> Name the Para swimmer (पैरा तैराक) who won eight medals, at the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports (खेल) U-23 World Games (विश्व खेल)?
Answer ->> Niranjan Mukundan

Question 2 ->> Name the Indian port (भारतीय बंदरगाह) that became first port in India to implement logistics (रसद लागू) data tagging of containers?
Answer ->> Jawaharlal Nehru Port

Question 3 ->> Which of the following is going to host meet (मेजबान से मिलने) of the heads of anti-narcotics (विरोधी नशीले पदार्थों) agencies of BRICS nations to discuss issues related to narco-terrorism and money laundering (काले धन को वैध बनाना)?
a) India
b) Brazil
c) China
d) South Africa
Answer ->> India

Question 4 ->> The Juno spacecraft (अंतरिक्ष यान) which successfully entered the Jupiter orbit (बृहस्पति की कक्षा) recently belonged to which country?
Answer ->> USA

Question 5 ->> Who recently took over as the Director of ISRO Inertial Systems Unit (जड़त्वीय प्रणाली यूनिट)?
Answer ->> Madhav Dhekane

Question 6 ->> Who has been appointed as the Executive Director (कार्यकारी निदेशक) of the Reserve Bank of India (भारतीय रिजर्व बैंक)?
Answer ->> Sudarshan Sen

Question 7 ->> The Centre government (केंद्र सरकार) will provide an assistance of four hundred crore rupees for developing airports (विकासशील हवाई अड्डों) in which state?
Answer ->> UP

Question 8 ->> How many Districts (कई जिलों) in Madhya Pradesh will be covered under (के तहत कवर) "Mission Indradhanush" ?
Answer ->> 13

Question 9 ->> Name the first actress (पहली अभिनेत्री) to play the role of Lois Lane in Superman who passed away (गुजर गए) recently?
Answer ->> Noel Neill

Question 10 ->> Who was elected (निर्वाचित) as the speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly (कर्नाटक विधानसभा)?
Answer ->> KB Koliwad


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