IPS Interview Preparation Tips in Hindi – How to Prepare IPS Entrance Exam

IPS Interview Preparation Tips in Hindi

1. Start your Interview Preparation from January Onwards:

First tip is start preparing from the start of the year. You will obtain at least three months to prepare. But I solicit for starting preparing from one year after therefore that you obtain sufficient time.

2. Give respect to the members who will take your Interview

Once you enter the interview hall then give due respect to the members who will be going to take your interview. The board members will notification Behavior and decide whether you will be fit or not. Therefore take mannerism seriously.

3. Do Not Forget what your wrote in your Mains Exam

You will just come for interview onwards successfully clearing the written examination. Therefore while you give interview you will be asked what you did in your mains. Therefore remember and amendment what you did there.

4. Have Positive Views in Your Mind

Go for the interview with a positive mindset. Usually, it happens that negative thoughts would start coming to your mind. Especially, who are giving interview for the first time? So be positive and think right.

5. Have proper command on Your Language Skills

It does not matter what is your moderate of the interview. Be it हिंदी or English. It really does not matter. What matters is the command over the particular language (भाषा).

6. It takes more courage to listen than to speak

You should listen to the interview before you answer anything. It is better to listen completely & then answer rather interrupting (बजाय दखल) when they are speaking.

7. First question why you want to join IAS?

7th interview technique would be to prefabricate for this question because you will be asked. This will be perhaps the first question that you have to answer. Therefore prepare an conscientious reply beforehand. You will find it easy to answer.

8. Speak Your Heart and Do not lie Yourself

If you are asked with harsh questions or questions that you would not like to answer then do not tell a lie. Never create a fake tale to boost yourself only tell them truthfully it does not really matters.

9. Show Confidence talk to them not at them

You must always see into their eyes and then talk. This is very basic interview tip for a civil service interview. Do not visit below or elsewhere and answer. If do then they might think you do not have self-confidence.

10. For Serious Question give a Serious Reply

Although you must give a smile and give answers laughingly. But if you are asked a serious question then your answer must be serious too. You have to demonstrate them that you care regarding what they are asking.

11. Prepare what you’re going to Say for Hobby Section

This is again very obvious question that you will be asked in a civil service interview is regarding your hobby. You must answer this question in a light mood. The board members should obtain an opportunity to laugh at some point in time.

Therefore make this answer entertaining as well as unique.

12. Take Your Additional Subjects Seriously

The additional subjects that you will choose for the civil service examinations should be taken seriously. Normally, it is seen that applicants tend to neglect their additional subject. Therefore when they are asked questions from it they are not prepared.

So, do not neglect your additional subjects because they might ask some harsh questions from it.

13. Your Views must be impartial and fair

In an interview, when your asked some questions which are very political in nature then you Should present a fair and balanced (निष्पक्ष और संतुलित) opinion. You should not be biased regarding a particular subject or topic.

They should obtain a sense that you are very balanced in your approach.

14. Be in Touch With Current Affairs and other Latest Developments

You will be asked a lot of questions regarding current affairs (सामयिकी) and state of the country. Thus keep updating yourself with the things going around the world. You should know what is happening in the country and around the world.

15. In Depth knowledge about the State, City and District you come from

Questions will be asked regarding the state, city and district you come from. Therefore collect some knowledge regarding your state, city and district. They would like to know how much you care regarding the country.

16. Good General Knowledge Very Important

Gk is always a key to success in any interview. You must know regarding some good personality from India and around the world.

17. Keep Your Calm even when they Say you do not know about this Topic

If you are asked regarding a particular subject and you do not know but still giving some irrelevant and in the end interviewee says that you do not know anything regarding the subject. Then do not obtain angry and comport normally.

18. If do NOT know the answer then be Candid to Admit you don’t Know

Continuing from the last point, if you seriously do not anything regarding a topic you’re asked then admit it that you do not have any idea. You must hesitate to give a frank answer that you do know regarding this subject.

There is nothing wrong in admitting honestly.

19. Download Debates and Discussions from all India Radio & BBC Documentaries

This point is other to do with preparation only like the first point I made. You may download debates and discussions (बहस और विचार विमर्श) from various sources present online. You may search many such website which are offering downloads.

20. Do Not Show anger or frustration if rejected

After the entire discussion, if you feel from the body language of the interviewers that you will not be selected then do not show anger or frustration at them. Only take it on your side.

21. Do NOT lose Heart

Ultimately, if not selected then do lose your heart. You may prepare for second. It is normal that applicants clear their interview in 2nd or 3rd attempt. Therefore do not give up.


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