Current Affairs 30th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 30th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> Name India’s ace shooter who clinched the silver medal (रजत पदक जीता) for India in men's 50 (fifty) -metre rifle 3 (three) position event of the ISSF World Cup in Baku, Ajerbaijan?
Answer ->> Sanjeev Rajput

Question 2 ->> Which odf the following has signed up as the official sponsor (आधिकारिक प्रायोजक) for the Indian contingent (भारतीय दल) to the Rio Olympics 2016?
a) Param
b) Flipkart
c) Amul
d) Gopaljee
Answer ->> Amul

Question 3 ->> Who was appointed as the new CEO (नए सीईओ के रूप में नियुक्त) of Suzuki Motors?
Answer ->> Scion Toshihiro Suzuki

Question 4 ->> How much amount approved (ज्यादा राशि स्वीकृत) by World Bank’s for Technical Education Quality (तकनीकी शिक्षा गुणवत्ता) Improvement Project III (TEQIP III) in India?
Answer ->> 201.50 million US dollars

Question 5 ->> Name the organizations/institutions (संगठनों / संस्थानों) that inked a MoU with Coal Supplying companies and Power Utilities for quality analysis (गुणवत्ता विश्लेषण) of coal being supplied to power utilities by coal companies?
Answer ->> CSIR and CIMFR

Question 6 ->> Exercise JALRAHAT for Flood Relief (बाढ़ राहत) is a Joint Initiative of Armed Forces (सशस्त्र बल) and which state?
Answer ->> Assam

Question 7 ->> The fifty six National Inter-State National Senior (राष्ट्रीय सीनियर) Athletics Championships two thousand sixteen to be held in _____.
Answer ->> Hyderabad

Question 8 ->> Who headed the seventh Pay Commission whose recommendations (सिफारिशें) were approved by the Union Cabinet (केंद्रीय मंत्रिमंडल)?
Answer ->> AK Mathur

Question 9 ->> Name the first island (पहली द्वीप) district in the country (देश में जिले)?
Answer ->> Majuli

Question 10 ->> The World Bank recently approved (विश्व बैंक ने हाल ही में मंजूरी दी) the sixty three million US (अमेरिका) dollar for Tejaswini Project focused on the welfare of adolescent girls (किशोरियों के कल्याण) and young women of which state?
Answer ->> Jharkhand


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