Current Affairs 15th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 15th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> India and ____ have signed three bilateral agreements (तीन द्विपक्षीय समझौतों) to strengthen co-operation (सहयोग को मजबूत) in varied fields.
Answer ->> Ghana

Question 2 ->> Who won the 2016 (two thousand sixteen) Canada Grand Prix of Formula One title?
Answer ->> Lewis Hamilton

Question 3 ->> Who was appointed (नियुक्त किया गया) as the first woman chairperson (पहली महिला अध्यक्ष) of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) in Assam?
Answer ->> Ranu Langthasa

Question 4 ->> Name of the former England Cricket captain (इंग्लैंड के पूर्व क्रिकेट कप्तान) who died recently?
Answer ->> Donald Carr

Question 5 ->> Which of the following services (निम्नलिखित सेवाओं) was not launched by Indian Railway Recently?
a)    Janani Sewa for mothers
b)    optional catering on a pilot basis
c)    special bed facility
d)    children’s menu on trains.
Answer ->> special bed facility

Question 6 ->> Name the bollywood actress (बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री), who was nominated for 2016 (two thousand sixteen) Teen Choice Awards (किशोर च्वाइस पुरस्कार)?
Answer ->> Priyanka Chopra

Question 7 ->> Which state government (राज्य सरकार) has launched 'Child Labour Tracking System (CLTS)'?
Answer ->> Bihar

Question 8 ->> What was the theme of World Blood Donor day (विश्व रक्त दाता दिवस) observed on 14th June?
Answer ->> Blood connects us all

Question 9 ->> Microsoft Corporation recently announced (घोषणा की) that it is going to acquire which of the following professional websites?
a)    Makerbase
b)    Ibibo
c)    LinkedIn
Answer ->> LinkedIn

Question 10 ->> The Central Port Authorities (केंद्रीय बंदरगाह अधिकारियों) Act 2016 (two thousand sixteen) drafted by Ministry of Shipping will replace the Major Port Trust Act of the year?
Answer ->> 1963


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