Current Affairs 04th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Current Affairs 04th June 2016 in English & Hindi PDF Download Now

Question 1 ->> Name the boxing legend (मुक्केबाजी किंवदंती) who died after a 32 (Thirty-two) year battle with Parkinson's disease on 3-06-2016.
Answer ->> Muhammad Ali

Question 2 ->> Who was appointed as Director General (महानिदेशक)/ Chief Executive Officer (मुख्य कार्यकारी अधिकारी) of National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) on 3 June 2016?
Answer ->> Navin Agarwal

Question 3 ->> Where was Asia’s largest annual security (वार्षिक सुरक्षा) forum Shangri-La Dialogue was inaugurated on 3 June 2016?
Answer ->> Singapore

Question 4 ->> Where did Haryana Government (हरियाणा सरकार) launch Asia's First Gyps Vulture Reintroduction Programme at Jatayu Conservation Breeding Centre (जटायु संरक्षण प्रजनन केंद्र) on 3-06-2016?
Answer ->> Pinjore

Question 5 ->> Identify the birds (पक्षियों की पहचान) that were released in to the wild by the Union Environment Minister (केंद्रीय पर्यावरण मंत्री) and Haryana Chief Minister (हरियाणा के मुख्यमंत्री) from Jatayu Conservation Breeding Centre in Haryana on 3-06-2016.
Answer ->> Himalayan Griffons

Question 6 ->> How was Afghan-India Friendship Dam that was inaugurated by Inidan PM Modi (भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री मोदी) and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani (अफगानिस्तान के राष्ट्रपति अशरफ गनी) on 4-06-2016 was called earlier?
Answer ->> Salma Dam

Question 7 ->> Name the highest civilian award (सर्वोच्च नागरिक पुरस्कार) of Afghanistan was conferred on Indian PM Narendra Modi (भारतीय प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी) on 4-06-2016.
Answer ->> Amir Amanullah Khan Award

Question 8 ->> India announced at the Mission Innovation Meet to double the investment in clean energy research in how many years?
Answer ->> 5

Question 9 ->> India (भारत) on 2-06-2016 signed MoU for co-operation in Information Technology and promotion (प्रौद्योगिकी और पदोन्नति) of traditional handicrafts with which country?
Answer ->> Tunisia

Question 10 ->> Name the Tamil actor-director (तमिल अभिनेता-निर्देशक), known for movies Anbe Sivam and Annanagar First street, who died recently.
Answer ->> Balu Anand

Question 11 ->> The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (आर्थिक मामले) recently approved a new broad gauge line between Mau Station and Tarighat Terminal station (मऊ स्टेशन और टर्मिनल स्टेशन तारीघाट). What will be the total (कुल) length of the line?
Answer ->> 51 kilometers

Question 12 ->> Identify the Qatar-based Indian banker who was recently awarded the Green Economy Visionary Award (हरित अर्थव्यवस्था दूरदर्शी पुरस्कार).
Answer ->> Raghavan Seetharaman

Question 13 ->> Who has launched a mobile application for telecom subscribers (दूरसंचार ग्राहकों) to register their complaints against pesky calls and SMSes?
Answer ->> Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Question 14 ->> Which country (कोन सा देश) has recently gifted 2000 (दो  हज़ार) bicycles to poor dalit girls in Nepal to encourage them to enrol in schools (स्कूलों में भर्ती)?
Answer ->> India

Question 15 ->> Name the former Eden Gardens curator (पूर्व ईडन गार्डन्स के क्यूरेटर) who recently passed away.
Answer ->> Prabir Mukherjee


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