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Unified Payment Interface System:

It is a project from National Payments Corporation of India. It is known as NPCI hits the market at the 11 April. The Unified Payment Interface,
system has been started to bestow the news that how mobile banking transactions are conducted in India nation. Unified Payment Interface, System also allows the users to make payments using mobile phones.

From this convenience the users do not required an electronic wallet. The persons will be eligible to use lots of electronic wallet as interoperability with Unified Payment Interface. Unified Payment Interface System will allow a one click, two-factor Certification at mobile phones via bank accounts.

Define Unified Payment Interface:

  • Use to transfer money and make payments
  • It is available 24 x 7
  • More than 100 members that allowed IMPS
  • Unified Payment Interface only requires one ID and does not disclose the informations of your bank account.

Working Process:

  • The bank required to activate the service UPI based on the unified system for candidates.
  • According National Payments Corporation of India, now, only twenty nine banks have agreed to start this service.
  • To start a transaction, you can use two types of global or local address.
  • Global address includes your bank account numbers, mobile number & number of the Aadhaar card.
  • A local address may be a virtual address. Say your bank gives you a virtual identifier similar to your email ID (for example, name @ company name).
  • This virtual address will allow candidates to send and receive money from several banks and issuers prepaid.
  • Therefore candidates will require use a particular application to forward and get money.
  • Now candidates will get a message requesting mobile phone authentication
  • This procedure does not need to the driver or share bank information’s.
  • Unified Payment Interface NPCI earn 50 paise.


The launch of the UPI will also have an effect at the portfolios, including the services that exist only as a product that allows for ease of operation. It may be used without having a customer of that bank.


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