HBSE Syllabus for 10th 12th Class Download in PDF

HBSE Syllabus

Haryana Board of Secondary Education (HBSE) has issued HBSE Syllabus. Candidates who are going to appear for Class 10th/12th Exam can
download hbse.nic.in Syllabus from this page in PDF format. Students those are admitted in this board and going to start their study so that they can prepare well for their exams can obtain their HBSE 10th/ 12th Examination syllabus by following several necessary steps. We the team of Ewebalert.in is providing total information regarding your syllabus in the below segment of this web page.

HBSE Syllabus

Class 10th Syllabus (1st Semester):

Computer Science:

Revision of last class Inserting Header and footer Paragraph Format line speacing Ruler Bar drawing tool bar tables
Mail Merge, Rage set up print
Revision of last class Auto Fill ., operator
Cell address, refrecing Functions Revision of last class clipart, symbols effects, Customs
Timing, sound effects, slide cut, coty, paste, back ground

Name of the Books
First Flight
Grammar Composition Footprints Without Feet
A letter to God Dust of Snow, Fire and Ice (Poem) Relative Clause, Conditional Clause & Metaphors’. Description of Story writing (events/incidents) Triumph of Surgery
Nelson Mandela- Long Walk to Freedom-A Tiger in the Zoo. His First Flight II Black Aero plane.
Tenses, Verbs, Articles Reports, Simple advertisements interviews. The Thief’s Story
How to Tell Wild Animals, The Ball Poem, From the Diary of Anne Frank
Use of idioms, Reported Speech, Modals Conversation, Discussion The Midnight Visitor
Poem- Amanda! The Hundred Dresses(Part-I &-II) Non-Finites, infinitives, gerunds, participles Narrate the story depicted pictorially A Question of Trust
Class 12th Syllabus:

Accountancy (1st Semester):

Name of the Books
Accounting Not for Profit Organisation
Not for profit organization meaning and examples Receipts and payments meaning and concepts preparation of income and expenditure A/C and balance sheet
Accounting for partnership
Accounting for partnership Reconstitution of partnership
Nature of partnership firm Final Account of partnership Preparation of capital accounts and profit and loss . Appropriation A/C Change in profit sharing Ratio Accounting for Revaluation Goodwill-Meaning & Valuation
Reconstitution of partnership
Admission of of partnership Admission of a partner Retirement/ Death of a partner
Dissolution of partnership firm
Meaning settlement of Accounts Preparation of Realization account & related Accounts(Excluding piece meal distribution and sale to a company & insolvency of a partner)
Project work on Dissolution of partnership firm. Revision and Exam of First Sem.

Reproduction in organism asexual sexual and vegetative Reproduction. Reproduction in flowering plants Flowers- pre fertilization structure and events , apomixes and polyembryony Development of seeds and fruits
Human reproduction –I The male reproductive system, female reproductive system Gametogenesis menstrual cycle
Fertilization and implantation pregnancy and embryonic development, parturition and lactation. Reproductive health- problem and strategies, population explosion and birth control, medical termination of pregnancy STD, infertility
Eco system-component types and energy food
Species, Population and community
Ecological adaptation colour of diversity and conservation of biodiversity
National parks and sanctuaries,
Environmental issues pollution and deforestation
Global warming, Ozone layer depletion, underground wake level, and threat to biodiversity (with reference to wild life)

Name of the Books
Relations ans Functions Mathematics Part-I
Relations ans Functions Inverse Trigonometric Function
Algebra Mathematics Part-I
Probablity Mathematics Part-I
Calculas-I Mathematics Part-I
Continuity and Differentiability

Nature and Schools of Indian Philosophy; some basic issues Rta, Karma; Four purusartha Buddhism- Four noble truths Theory of causation, Middle path Jainism- Anekantavada and Syadvada
Nyaya theory fof Pramanas, Yoga The eight – fold practice
Samkhya theory of three gunas Vaisesika theory of Padarthas
Rationalism, Empiricism Kant’s critical Philosophy Aristotle’s theory of four fold causation
Cause- effect relationship
entailment regularity succession
Computer Science:

Programming in C++
C Structures and functions
Programming in C++ (Declaration of Structure variables and passing Structure to functions
Programming in C++ (classes and objects, constructors and destructors)
Data structure through C++ (Introduction stack)
Data structure through C++ (Queue array sorting)

How to Check HBSE Syllabus:

  • Candidates visit the official website of HBSE that is “www.bseh.org.in”
  • Go on “student Corner” tab.
  • Press to open it.
  • Syllabus will be dispersed as per the class wise such as 10th, 12th
  • Choose your class category and download your syllabus & also save it in your device.

Note:- For more info about HBSE Syllabus, check Official Link.


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