ICET Syllabus 2024 for MBA, MCA (Download Free Study Material PDF & Book)

ICET Syllabus:

Integrated Common Entrance Test (ICET) is an examination for those candidates who seeking admission in MBA (Master of Business
Administration) or MCA. This examination has become very popular as demand for MCA has been increasing because of its immense scope in India.

Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) along with any university of Andhra Pradesh conducts this examination. So the selected candidates get the admission in Andhra Pradesh University approved colleges in India. This examination is conducted every year.

Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) uploads notification for this examination on their official website. All the details of this examination is given in this notice. Candidates’ eligibility for different programs is different required.

Candidates who wish to get admission in this reputed university need to work hard to clear ICET examination. But before that you should be aware of examination syllabus and question paper pattern. Here in this web page we are going to inform you the detailed information of syllabus and exam pattern.

ICET question paper pattern:

There will be total 200 questions in the examination and each question is of one mark. The question paper can be divide into three sections. Details of the sections are given below:


In this section candidates’ analytic ability is checked. There are total 75 questions in this section. 20 questions for data sufficiency test and 55 for problem solving.


In section candidates’ mathematical ability is checked. This section contains total 75 questions. 35 questions of arithmetic. 30 questions for checking algebraically and geometrical knowledge of candidates and 10 questions for statistics knowledge.


In this section candidates’ communicational abilities are checked. This section contains 50 questions. 10 questions for vocabulary, 10 for business and computer terminology, 15 for functional grammar and 15 for reading comprehension.

ICET examination syllabus Overview:

Syllabus for different sections are given below:

Syllabus for section-1:

For data sufficiency test you will be asked some questions and some data will be given related to that question and based on that you have to select to correct answer.

In problem solving portion questions will be related to
  • sequences and series
  • Analogies of numbers and alphabets
  • completion of blank spaces following the pattern in a: b:: c: d relationship
  • graph
  • Bar diagram
  • Pie Chart
  • Venn Diagram or a Passage is to be analyzed,Date
  • Time and Arrangement Problems (Calendar problems, clock problems, blood-relationships, arrivals, departures and schedules, seating arrangements, symbol and notation, interpretation).

Syllabus for section-2:

In arithmetic section questions will be asked from
  • laws of indices
  • ratio and proportion
  • surds
  • numbers and divisibility
  • L.C.M. and G.C.D
  • Rational numbers
  • Ordering
  • Percentages
  • Profit and loss
  • Partnership
  • Pipes and cisterns
  • time, distance and work problems
  • areas and volumes
  • menstruation
  • modular arithmetic

In algebraic and geometrical section questions will be asked from:
  • Statements
  • Truth tables
  • Implication converse and inverse
  • Tautologies-Sets
  • Relations and functions
  • Applications - Equation of a line in different forms.
  • Trigonometry - Trigonometric ratios
  • Trigonometric ratios of standard angles, (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°)
  • Trigonometric identities (sample problems on heights and distances, Polynomials)
  • Remainder theorem and consequences
  • Linear equations and expressions
  • Progressions
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Matrices
  • Notion of a limit and derivative
  • Plane geometry – lines
  • Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Coordinate geometry-distance between points

In Statistical Ability question will be from:
  • Frequency distributions
  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Standard Deviations
  • Correlation
  • Simple problems on Probability.

Syllabus for Section-3:

No fix syllabus for this section. Basically candidates are checked in daily life communication, knowledge of grammar, computer concepts and reading capabilities.

Candidates are advised to prepare according to the syllabus for ICET examination. Dear aspirants if you have any queries regarding ICET examination syllabus and pattern you can comment in the comment box.

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