MDU Rohtak Date Sheet 2017 Pdf Download BA BCom BSc BTech Time Table

MDU Rohtak Date Sheet

Get ready at your penchant level for your upcoming university exams. To all the students who are eagerly waiting for the exam schedule of Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU Rohtak), an important news is broadcasted by MDU Rohtak which is related to availability of Maharshi Dayanand University Date SheetDear aspirants Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU) will be soon pronounced MDU Date Sheet for all the offered courses such as all under graduate and Master degree. For the essential Details of MDU Time Table, The links will be available here to download them in just one touch

As the saying, Justice delayed is justice denied, the best mantra to achieve good marks in all exams is the good study that can be much better with the help of related subjects’ teachers and prepared a good study schedule which could cover all units of official syllabus.

Try to explain the topics generously and open minded while writing the answers theoretically.

MDU Rohtak Date Sheet Download B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Tech, Time Table
MDU Rohtak Date Sheet
University’s Name ->> Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU)

Announcement Type ->> Date Sheet

About University ->> Maharshi Dayanand University is an "A" grade Government State university in Rohtak, Haryana, India accredited by NAAC. The university offers courses in a number of fields of study at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels.

MDU Rohtak Date Sheet ->>

MDU Date Sheet for Regular/ Failure/ Re-appear/ Additional / Improvement
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.)/ B.Sc. (Home Science)/B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics) / B.Sc.(Bio-Technology)/B.S.W. /B.P.E/ B.Voc(all Courses)/ / B.P.Ed./C.P.Ed./ B.C.A/ B.B.A (All courses) / B.H.M.C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C :
1st, 3rd, 5th (Full/ Re-Appear) & 6th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 1 st,3rd,5th ,7th (Full/Re-Appear)
M. Pharmcy
1st Sem.,3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
B. Pharmcy Annual Scheme(Only Re-Appear.)
B. Pharmacy : 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)
& 8th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
LL.B (Hons) 5 year & 3 Year Course:-
1st,3rd,5th,7th,9thSem (Full/Re-Appear)
& 10th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
LL.M : 1st, 3rd Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
M.A/M. Sc/M.Com/M.P.Ed: 1 st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)& 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear) M.Li.Sci.: 1 st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) & 4 th Sem. (Only Re-Appear) B.Lib/M.Lib. (Annual DDE) (Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 1 st Sem.(Full/Re-Appear)
MFA (Hons) Painting (6 years integrated courses): 1 st,3rd,5th,7th, 9th and 11th Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 8th and 12thSem.(Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 1 st Sem.(Full/Re-Appear)
1st ,3rd , 5th Semester (Full/Re-Appear)
& 6th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
2 Year MBA Full time :
1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
5 Year MBA Integrated :
1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
10th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA (Power Mgt.):
1st ,3rdSem.(Full/Re-Appear)
& 4th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
MBA (BE) :
1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
MBA(Executive) :
1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
4th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
1st ,3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) &
4th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
1st, 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
& 4th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B.E./B. Tech:
1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 8th Sem.
(Only Re-Appear)
1st, 3rd,5th,7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) and 8
th, 9th and 10th (Only Re-Appear)
B. Planning:
1st,3rd,5th,7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 8th Sem
(Only Re-Appear)
M.E/M. Tech:
1st& 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem
(Only Re-Appear)
M. Arch:
1st& 3rd Semester(Full/Re-Appear) & 4th
(Only Re-Appear)
M. Planning:
1st& 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th (Only Re-Appear)
M. Tech (CS):
1st& 3rd Sem(Full/Re-Appear)
& 4th(Only Re-Appear)
M.Ed (Two Year Course New Scheme):
2nd & 3rd Sem.(Re-Appear) & 4thSem. (Fresh)
(Session 2015-17)
1st Sem (Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem (Fresh)
(Session 2016-18)
M.Ed.(One Year Course Old Scheme):
1st and 2nd Sem. (Only Re Appear)
Supplementary Examinations:
M.A/M.Sc/M.Com (DDE)Final Year (Only Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (Two Year Course New Scheme):
2nd Year Appear (only Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (One Year Course Old Scheme): Only Re-Appear
IT/Mgt. Exams
BBA/BCA 1st to 6th Sem(DDE)
MCA 1st
to 6
th Sem (DDE Course)
MBA 2 Year 1st to 4th Sem(DDE)
All other courses of DDE(New Courses) &
All NIAM Courses
BBA/BCA (Fresh Online DDE Course)
All UG/PG Courses (Out of University Jurisdiction)
M.Phil 1st Sem. & 3rd Sem./Pre-P.hd/P.hd.Course Work (Full/Re-Appear)
Supplementary Examinations
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.) /B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics)/B.Sc.(Bio-Tech)/C.P.Ed./ B.P.Ed./B.Sc.(Home Sc.) /B.S.W./ B.P.E/ B.Voc (all Courses)/B.C.A/B.B.A/(All courses)/ B.H.M. C.T/B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C :
2nd& 4th Semester Re-Appear of all UG courses
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com.-B.Ed. :
2nd ,4rd (Re-Appear)
DDE Courses
BA/B.Com-I,II &III(Annual Scheme)
(Fresh and re appear students of DDE)
BA/B.Com Part-I,II,III-Fail/Re-appear /Addl./
OTMIL Courses:- Fresh & Re-Appear Shastri (MDU & GURUKUL) I, II & III rd Year Purva Madhyama & Uttar Madhyama 1 & 2nd Year Vishard 1st & 2nd Year Vyakarnacharya, Vedacharya, Sahityacharya and Darshacharya Part-I & II
B.A/B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hons.)/B.Sc.(Sports Sci)/ B.Sc. (Bio-Informatics)/B.Sc. (Bio-Tech.)/B.Sc. (Home Sci.)/ B.Voc (All Courses)/ B.S.W./ B.C.A/B.B.A. (All Courses)/B.H.M. C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C Courses ,:
Above all courses 6th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 6 th & 8th Sem(Full/Re-Appear)
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.)/B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics) / B.Sc.(BioTechnology)/B.Sc. (Home Sc.)/B.S.W. / C.P.Ed. / B.P.Ed / B.P.E/ B.Voc (All Courses)/ B.C.A/B.B.A. (All courses) /B.H.M. C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C Courses :
2 nd,4th Semester (Regular Full Subject) & 5 th Semester (Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 2 nd ,4rd Sem (Full) & 7th Semester (Only Reappear)
LL.B.(Hons) 5 year & 3 year Course:
2nd ,4th, 6th, 8th,10 (Full/Re-Appear) & 9th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
LL.M : 2nd ,4th Semester (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
LL.B All Classes (Annual Scheme)
B.Pharmacy: 2nd , 4th , 6th, 8th(Full/Re-Appear) &
7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Pharmacy: 2nd Sem., 4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) &
3rd Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B.Pharmacy Annual Scheme (only Re-Appear)
M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/M.P.Ed.: 2 nd ,4th(Full/ReAppear) & 3 rdSem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Li.Sci. : 2nd , 4th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 3 rd (Only Re-Appear)
B.Lib. /M.Lib.(Regular/Re) (DDE Annual Scheme)
All PG (Hons) (5 years integrated courses): 2 nd,4th, 6th,8th and 10th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 5 th and 9th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MFA (Hons) Painting (6 years integrated courses) 2 nd,4th, 6th,8th,10th and 12th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) &7th and 11th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 2nd Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
MCA: 2nd, 4th ,6th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
5th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
2 Year MBA (Full time) :2nd, 4thSem.(Full/Re-
Appear) & 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
5 YearMBA Integrated :2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th Sem.
(Full/Re-Appear) & 9th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
MBA(Power Mgt.) :2nd& 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)
& 3rdSem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA(BE) : 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA(Executive) : 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MHMCT/MHM: 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MTTM/MTM: 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
B.Tech/B.E: 2nd ,4th, 6th, 8th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
and 7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B. Arch.:2nd,4th,6th,8th,10th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
and 7th& 9th Semester (Only Re-Appear)
B Planning: 2nd,4th,6th,8th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
& 7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.E, M. Tech: 2nd,4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd
Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Arch.: 2nd, 4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem
(Only Re-Appear)
M. Planning: 2nd,4th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd
Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M. Tech(Computer Application) :
2nd,4th Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem (Only Re-Appear)
DDE/Annual Course: (Fresh/ Re-Appear/Impr.) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Pre.) (Annual Sch.), All UG / PG Diploma /Certificate Course(UG) (Annual Scheme)
DDE/Annual Course: (Fresh/ Re-Appear/Impr) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Final Year )(Annual Sch.),
Pre Ph.D./M.Phil 2 nd Sem., Ph.D Course Work (Full/Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (Two Year Course New Scheme)
1st(Full/Re-Appear)and 2
nd Year (Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (One Year Course Old Scheme)
Only Re-Appear
M.Ed (Two Year Course & New Scheme):
1st, 3rd Sem. & 4thSem. (Re-Appear)
(Session 2015-17)
2nd Sem (Full/ Re-Appear), 3rd Sem(Re-Appear)&
4th Sem (Full) (Session 2016-18)
M.Ed.(One Year Course & Old Scheme):
1st and 2nd Sem. (Only Re Appear)
IT/MGT Exams
a) BBA/BCA 1st to 6th Sem(DDE)
b) MCA 1st
to 6th Sem (DDE Course)
c) MBA 2 Year 1st to 4th Sem(DDE)
d) All other courses of DDE (New Courses)
e) All Courses of Out of Jurisdiction of DDE &
All NIAM Courses
f) BBA/BCA Fresh Online (DDE)
Supplementary Exam:-
B.A/B.Com/ Part-III (Annual/DDE),
OTMIL Courses Final Year (Annual)
Shastri (MDU & Gurukul Scheme) 3rd Year
Purva Madhyama & Uttar Madhyama 2nd Year
Vishard 2nd Year
Vyakarnacharya, Vedacharya, Sahityacharya
and Darshacharya Part-II

How to Download Maharshi Dayanand University Time Table

Applicants who are waiting for upcoming examinations can get Exam Schedule through the below tailored process:-
In the very first get connect to the web.
Use any browser such as internet explorer, Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etc.
Now surf the official website of Maharshi Dayanand University -
Now follow “Examinations-> Examination Schedule/ Date Sheet” options available on the home page.
Select your preferred course link.
Now, the date sheet will be appeared on your computer.
Keep it safe till the end of the examination as the link may be out of access soon.

Official Website

Note ->> If you have any query or interpellation regarding this notification than you can frequently ask questions through the comment box on home page of our portal.


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